Let Users Extend Your Application

Turn your application into an expandable platform with Unectio FaaS

Build extensions and integrations of any complexity

There is no single product that can solve all business needs. With Unectio, your solution can become the core of the business – connecting applications, services and processes. You can even build new APIs and features entirely on Unectio platform – and ship them to the user.


Anything API driven can exchange data with your users’ extensions. Unectio also allows you to add your own APIs, providing transport, security and compute power for your custom APIs


Connectors are the easiest way  to integrate – no need to learn specific APIs, simply describe the data you want to exchange with other system, and  the connector will do the rest

Powerful engine under the hood

Add unlimited computing flexibility

Serverless functions

Functions are pieces of code, triggered when some event happens. Like, arrival of new portion of data can trigger a function that can analyze the data and make a decision how to react. Or, a user opening a URL in the browser can trigger a function, sending data to display on the page.


Often the functions implement logic that require more than just ephemeral computing – for example, generate and store a data for a custom report, or exchange information with other processes. Unectio platform delivers services to support it, like databases, file/object storage or message queue services.


Simply describe the conditions that should trigger the function, and the platform will take care of the rest. Triggers connect events happening in your platform with the users’ functions, that implement or customize reactions to these events. 

Future-proof Your Software

With Unectio, you can enable your users to build things they need – like new workflows, new functionality and user interface, integrations with other solutions they use now or may use in the future.

New UI

Implement custom user interfaces using popular development frameworks and libraries like React, Angular, Vue and other.

Events that make sense

Run users’ code on events happening in your product – like AccountUpdated or ServiceStarted. Users’ code becomes simple, efficient and maintainable.

Libraries and services

Databases, application services, libraries may be accessible to the users’ code, making implementing new functionality a breeze.

Security You Can Control

Clearly separate application core and customers’ code, isolate runtime, and only provide access to the data required – fencing everything else.

Why Work With Unectio

More Customers

With flexibility of custom UI, APIs, and external system integration you can make your product fitting new use cases and solving problems it could not before.

Increase Revenue

Increase your product value and generate more revenue. Customers can cover additional use cases, solve new problems and consume more of your services.

Shorten Sales Cycle

Cover unique use cases, solve unique problems without writing any code – just let your customers to do it. No custom development required to close deals.

Future-Proof Today

Your customers are less likely to search for alternatives if they can solve their new problems with existing solution.

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