Key Platform Features

Kubernetes Native

Most of the complex solution these days run on Kubernetes. We do that, too – that means, adding Unectio FaaS to your software will not require any new infrastructure, and will not increase the infrastructure complexity. We can share the same Kubernetes cluster as you run on, or run side by side.

Any Programming Language, Any Library

We support pretty much any modern programming environment – Python, Go, Node.JS, C#, you name it. If there is something else you need for your project, we can add it easily. In any language, the user’s function won’t need to deal with any data access protocols – the event data is available to the function code already parsed and structured.

There is also no restriction on which libraries, standard or custom, are available to the functions. If your integration architecture requires it, the functions may have full network or data access.

Custom Events

When it comes to a general purpose FaaS, such as AWS Lambda, the set of the events which can trigger your function code is “generic”, too. Things like “an object appeared in S3 storage”, or “RabbitMQ message received” – they all may trigger a function.

However, that means that responsibility to classify those events and call required method to process them lies upon the user’s code. It is not a problem when your developer is well familiar with the data structures and knows proper ways to work with that. However, for the end user, you likely want to expose something simpler, and leaving less room for errors. A new account record has been created – call a function to replicate it to the external system. Or, a fraud alert logged – call the specific processing function. That function may only receive the portion of the data in question, without any need to dig for it.

Unectio FaaS platform has a full flexibility to create events from the domain that your software operates. Thus, the user’s code becomes simple, clean and maintainable, requiring no complex logic in it.
Sure thing, we also support generic events – REST API calls, scheduler alerts, webhooks, etc. It’s just that with Unectio FaaS, your users can start programming with the objects they know and understand, leaving “heavy lifting” to the software vendor.

Powerful Application Services

FaaS programming means the developers will outsource to the platform a lot of things – not only dynamically building infrastructure to run their code, but also running all the application services – such  as SQL or NoSQL databases, secret key management service, object storage, cache, and more.

Unectio FaaS can be pre-integrated with the set of services that your application needs. Those services may host either “blank” datasets (such as databases to hold temporary data required by user’s functions), or production datasets (your production platform data). Equally importantly, we can help you to design and implement proper security model for these services, enforcing required project or user data access policies in a shared or multi-role environment.

High Density of Hosted Functions

Host thousands of functions per node in Kubernetes cluster. Unlike many other solutions, we don’t allocate a pod for every function

Trigger Declaration

New trigger types are easy to declare, with very little coding required to receive events and data from other applications and services

Authentication as a Service

The platform itself provides authentication service out of the box. When turned on, the users’ code is only triggered after successful authentication

Reliable Function Execution

If a function cannot perform it task immediately (think of API endpoint being down), the function can request another execution with the same input data at later time.