How Unectio Platform can solve real life problems

Video Surveillance Data Processing

Case Example

V. company provides video recording services for the customers, using a multi-tenant SaaS solution.  Every tenant generates large amount of video content. Different customers have different needs for the content analysis: generating compressed version of the video for long term storage, picture snapshot creation, using machine learning algorithm for video analysis, face recognition and image classification. With Unectio FaaS, the customer can implement:

  • Custom function code triggered every time new portion of data is generated, to process that data
  • Special libraries are available to the function code for video data analysis
  • Emergency alerts sent to 24×7 security staff when suspicious activity is detected
  • Compressed data sent to low cost long term storage to meet the compliance policies

Healthcare CRM Platform Integration

Case Example

P. company is a vendor of healthcare CRM solution. While reviewing requirements for their platform adoption by a large pediatric hospital, they found that their hospital requires that every customer record must be synchronized with an external system they use to submit and track insurance claims. Natively, such integration was not available. Tight development schedule does not allow to quickly implement such integration, which puts the opportunity on hold.

With Unection FaaS, P. Company can achieve:

  • Every new customer creation triggers “CustomerAccountCreated” event.
  • A custom function, independently for each tenant, may be attached to that event. When triggered, the function receives JSON with customer account data as the input parameter.
  • The function code has access to API token using secure secrets storage, which enables the function code to access REST API endpoint available on the insurance claim tracking software.
  • As a return value, the function may return SUCCESS and exit, or, upon a failure due to temporary REST API unavailability, schedule its own retry execution 1 hour later to ensure no accounts will be lost.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Case Example

I. Solutions is a Business Intelligence (BI) software vendor. A new prospect, N. Manufacturing company, is evaluating the solution to replace old custom-built platform. However, during the evaluation N. Manufacturing raised the issue that their business processes require regular generation of a special report, that must correlate the data from the BI platform with an external system, and such report is not available in the BI platform. Integrated Unectio FaaS enables:

  • Creation custom web pages in the BI platform portal, using native SSO and authorization mode.
  • Functions triggered by REST API request from React-based web page generate the report data.
  • Function code has native read-only (to eliminate a chance of data corruption) access to the BI platform databases, and access to the external system data via set of custom APIs.
  • The functions use MySQL databases hosted on Unectio FaaS to collect and process the data for the custom report generation.

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